May 2, 2011

Just Like I knew it Would Be

Have you ever seen a place from a distance, or maybe even read about it, and just knew that you'd love it? I bet most of us have. I have driven over the bridge in the picture below so many times and every time I think that I would love Occoquan and I just have to go there one day. Both the park and the historic town call to me and remind me of the harbors on Long Island.


This Saturday Stinkette attended a birthday party right near Occoquan so I decided to take advantage of proximity and took a short detour into the park. It was a glorious day - warm and sunny and the park was full of people picnicing, launching boats, fishing and so much more. I'm not much for hiking and long walks these days (the humongous belly takes a lot out of a person) but I did walk around a little bit and I will definitely go back. It felt exactly the way I hoped it would and as always I felt so good being near the water.


Thankfully Stinkaroonie had a fabulous time atthe party and may go back to the place where it was held for classes which would give me a wonderful excuse to go exploring in the area. Win - win!

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Carole Knits said...

That looks like a lovely spot. I'm glad you had an excuse to enjoy it.