May 8, 2011

Last Minute Birthday

I did not go to MDS&W this weekend. It was the first time that I've missed it in 5-6 years. I thought that I'd feel sad about it but I was so busy that I hadn't the time to really think about it. My checkbook is much the better for it though.

There were many things keeping us busy. DQ was caught up in the last weekend of the school play, Wizard of Oz, - they sold out a few nights! Stinkette had softball and field hockey. We all did a few errands including the start of our search for a party venue.


The biggest thing was celebrating Stinkette's 12th birthday. I agonized over it all last week. Birthdays have always been big for me - ballons, unique cupcakes and cakes. Elaborate plans including crafts and entertainment. I wanted each of my girls birthdays to be memorable and different. Alas this year I just couldn't work anything out and last one night last week I had a bit of a melt down. The fact that my girl was being so patient, waiting with infinite confidence that I'd pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute didn't help.

Then, on Saturday, I realized that the answer was right there all the time - like Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. We had always planned to take Stinkaroonie to see Thor on her birthday. She just loves the comic movies. Then, just before noon she asked if she could invite 2 close friends to come with us. * insert lightbulb moment here* Add dinner before the movie and a sleep over after and it was perfect. Bruce and I sat a little apart from the girls at dinner and the movie and had that sinking feeling that our days of chaperoning her are numbered. We all loved the movie and my girl had the perfect day... except for losing her softball game. That was a a bummer.

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You always come up with the right solution!