Sep 27, 2012

Finally... a kitchen

It wasn't my intent to share the kitchen quite yet.  I was waiting for the backsplash to be up, which it will be in the next week or 2.  However, some of you noticed it and commented on it in my ToT post so here is the reveal.  Come on in.  It's right through our new front door.


Here's a reminder of what my old kitchen looked like.  Accent on old.  Like as in originally built with the house back in the '60's.  On second thought, lets forget it ever existed.  It was really sad and you can't even see the spots where the flooring was held down by duct tape.  Yup - it was super bad.


So clearly we lost a few walls along the way. Now there is just one big room that encompasses the kitchen, dining room and living room.  It is fabulous for entertaining.


Here is the reverse view.  Most of it is pretty standard.  Double ovens, cooktop, granite countertops.  I do love the drawers and cabinets doors that auto close. The floors are cork which is nice and soft and warm underfoot.


And, if I have to choose my favorite part of the new kitchen, it's probably this, my humongous, apron front sink.


I added my collection of blue glass bottles.  It doesn't make a whole lot of sense now but it will.  As finished as it looks, I see this kitchen, and the house itself, as a work in progress.  It's got much improved bones but now it needs the little things that make it mine.  Stuff like blue glass bottles and funky light fixtures.


Manise said...

WOW! That's beautiful!

Laurie said...

That's an amazing difference! What a fun place to work and eat.