Sep 11, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Sunday Dinners

Dinner time is one of my favorite parts of having a family.  As the years go by it gets harder and harder to carve out time for family dinner.  For that reason, my favorite Sunday dinner is any one that finds my whole family around the table.

Of course, that's not what this Ten on Tuesday is about.  I'm pretty sure it's about what's on the table rather than who's around it. So, here goes...

  1. Barbeque - casual and easy. 
  2. Pizza - even easier than #1 
  3. Broccoli pasta - a family favorite
  4. Cold cereal and milk - after a really busy weekend, when my energy is gone, a bowl of Chex hits the spot.
  5. Chicken on the grill - 
  6. Steak on the grill
  7. Turn leftovers into fried rice - chicken or steak (see #5 & #6)
  8. Baked chicken - I have lots of great recipes and I prefer my chicken like this.
  9. A big bowl of spaghetti - we can sit around and dress it up ourselves and talk.
On a related note, people always ask about how things have changed since the last time I had a baby around.  Of course a lot has changed but one of my favorite new things is the shopping cart covers.  Brilliant!      I can put my baby in the cart and not worry about her touching skeeviness.


Clearly this isn't the way you're supposed to be using it.  Normally Miss M would be sitting up and properly strapped in.  But this past Sunday she was sleeping when we arrived to do our shopping so we made it work. which brings me full circle...

    10.  Chipotle - picnicing while we watch Stinkette play field hockey. 


Carole Knits said...

Excellent list but I do think it should include your fabulous lemon chicken!

dianne said...

You are right, it is about the whole family being around the table! Great list!