Nov 12, 2012

Trip to Indy

There was a lot of craziness recently that kept me busy and away from the blog. My recent trip to Indiana was crazy in it's own way but only the travel part. Thank you Amtrak and Sandy.

The family visit that we had looked forward to was great. IMG_0663[1]
We went to welcome the newest member of our family. My nephew M was born the day before my girls and I arrived in Indianapolis and came home late in our first full day there. Timely. He is very cute and does exactly what you would expect - eat, sleep, and poop like a champ! We foresee big things in his future.
As with so many vacations and gatherings, it felt like an endless succession of meals and planning for meals. Much of what we ate was new to us and we needed lots of instruction on what it all was. My sister-in-law is Korean and her friends were making lots of Korean dishes for her to eat while she recovers. Most of it was really good and other stuff is still a mystery. One thing for certain is that there is more Korean food in our future. Stinkette did some of the cooking under her aunts tutelage and she is inspired. IMG_0668[1]
We were mostly concentrating on spending time together so there wasn't much sightseeing going on. But we did take the time to identify and visit (repeatedly) a local ice cream place that made their own. What interesting flavors! Still not sure what I think of Cherry Wasabi. IMG_0666[1]
We did take the time to go to the Wonderlab. What a fun place! Even the big kids had fun there. In fact, all of the pictures in this post were taken there. So.Much.Fun.

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Carole Knits said...

Sounds like a fun visit despite the travel part.