Aug 26, 2008

Fickle Knitter Syndrome (FKS)

Rav ShotHave you got it? I went over to Ravelry to update the project that I just finished and the evidence was right there staring me in the face. I've got it bad. Some of those projects don't even have have pictures! Not only that but there are some really ancient projects that never got into Rav. Ugh!

In a weird way it wouldn't be as bad if these were all really old UFO's. Sadly most of them are pretty recent. It's just so hard to stay focused when every blog I visit and every new book that comes out adds something to my queue that I MUST KNIT right away!!!

Well, in an uncharacteristic display of retraint I have finished 2 projects and resisted casting on for anything new. Instead I retrieved a few UFO's and I plan to power thru them before casting on for anything new. Well, I'll wait at least until I finish a sock or 2, maybe an overdue gift too. Who knows, it would be great to finally wear Sahara. The body is nearly finished.


Margene said...

Focus is key...keep breathing, it's all good.

Teyani said...

heh heh... I think that there are a few of us with similar issues :-D
no worries, they'll all get done.

I tend to have different sorts of projects in different places where I might have a chance to knit (simple stockinette is at my office, for the 5-10 minutes between clients, complicated cable is by my evening comfy chair, a sock rides in the car.. etc)

Sarah said...

I think you are in good company with this. Enjoy each stitch.

Carole Knits said...

I try to post everything on Ravelry right away and I really try to keep the queue down but it's hard!