Aug 15, 2008

My DC - Week 25

Way back in June I featured the Willard and Pershing Park which is right across the street from it. I only showed you part of the park at that time because the fountain wasn't working and the reflecting pool was green and gnarly looking.
It's amazing how things change. As we were walking to pick up a ride home after work the other day we were struck by how peaceful and pretty Pershing Park was.


It's so corny but I just want to call it an oasis in the city. Wow is that corny but what else would you call it. The day that we took these pictures was one of those rare summer days in DC when you don't feel like you're going to melt from the heat and humidity.
There was a little bit of a breeze rustling the leaves on the trees and the long grasses. The sun was shining and it was so lovely that we felt compelled to stop and sit for a moment.


The fountain was working and the sound of the water was kind of soothing. There was a bird splashing about in the top of the fountain. It wasn't bothered by the fact that the water was green at all. It's funny because the algae on the water which I would normally think of as nasty seemed to add positively to the atmosphere. I'm not sure why though.


After a while it was time to get up and continue on our way. It was a shame though because I could have sat and listented to the water and looked at the Crepe Myrtles for hours.

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Cursing Mama said...

I love love love the sound of water moving. LOVE! In fact, if the cats could be trusted I'd have one of those little home water fountain things. LOVE!