Aug 21, 2008

Late Summer Distractions

Ack! Where did my down time go? August is supposed to be the month when everyone goes on vacation which leads to less traffic (check!) and less work (nope!). There are so many things that I have to finish in the next week and stuff keeps getting in the way.


I just need to remember to keep breathing, keep chugging along and no matter what - don't stop! The last increases on the shrug are done but the yarn is running low so it'll be a race to see which finishes first. The shawl has 2.5 repeats left in the middle section before I move on to the bottom border and blocking. Totally do-able. Kippah number 30 is on the hook so I'm still on track even if my pace has slowed a little bit. Next week, when I no longer have company during my daily commute I'll get things back on track.
Duty calls - gotta run!

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Carole Knits said...

That's a fantastic photo!