Sep 19, 2011

My Email Awaits

I'm back in the office today. It seems like it's been forever since I left it back in June. I know a lot of people have trouble disengaging from work but I can't really say that was the case with me. Although i have checked my email on occasion I really only scanned it for anything urgent or answerable only by me. Thousands of emails await.


I'm afraid that I spent most of last weekend whining about having to go back today and wishing I didn't have to leave my baby so soon but in all honesty - I was kind of ready. There's only so long that you can spend relaxing on the couch before you feel the urge to contribute to humanity again. As much as I enjoyed the premiere week of Anderson (Cooper), I was ready. I was starting to accomplish things again which seems like a sure sign that I was ready to snap back to reality. I even have a new knitting project to share. Shocking!


micah_gideon said...

The little girl in the picture doesn't count as a contribution to humanity?

Mini said...

OMG... I could just stare at that wee face all day :)

I hear you--- i'd love to be a stay @home gf, but i need to be in the world.