Sep 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things You Do Every Day

Today's topic should be really easy. Name ten things that you do every day. I bet most of you can do it but my daily routine is totally in flux right now. Some things are the same but over the past year things have changed drastically and it's not settled yet. So what do I do on a daily basis these days? Hmmmmm...

  1. Brush my teeth

  2. Shower - not just so I smell good. A shower wakes me up.

  3. Watch the news - I rarely go a ay without watching a little bit of news in the morning or at night.

  4. Put my watch and ring on - I don't sleep with them on. I always put them in exactly the same place so I can remember to put them on in the morning.

  5. Kiss my girls - I never let a day go by without kissing my girls and telling them that I love them. I can't do it enough and it never gets old.

  6. Make lists - I always feel like I'm forgetting something and consequently I'm always making lists ( mostly mental) of stuff I need to do.

  7. Check my email - it's an addiction

  8. Surf the net - I'm such an info junkie

  9. Play with my baby

  10. Discuss the day with my family - I find that as our lives get busier we really need to take the time to touch base with each other and catch up on what's going on. It's also the only way that I know who needs picking up where and when.


Carole Knits said...

You have a good mix of things on your list. Connecting with our family every day is very important.

Chantelle said...

Funny how so many people have mentioned brushing teeth, but no one has mentioned fixing their hair? :)

Mini said...

My mom tells us she loves us every day, and now, my brothers and I tell each other whenever we see each other :)

Cursing Mama said...

no knitting???