Sep 8, 2011

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

It was a really eventful summer for us. We saw lots of family and friends. Some of us traveled a little bit and all of us had new experiences. Clearly our Berry Baby had lots of firsts but the rest of us did too - including our first earthquake. Yikes! Shortly after that Hurricane Irene hit us and left a hole in our roof. Double Yikes!!! Happily it's a small hole.


The girls and I went to New York where we covered a lot of ground. One morning we had breakfast in the Hamptons and then we went even further... to Montauk. That's where the big girls enjoyed themselves jumping waves.


Which made me smile as I watched them because they held hands most of the time. I suspect that gave Stinkette the confidence she needed to get in the water.


We also saw the Flanders Duck which is just cool because it's a giant duck. Nuff said.


More recently we took our Berry Baby to her first baseball game where she met Teddy. He didn't win the race that day either - and neither did the Nationals. But in New York her Zayde was happy because his Mets beat us.



Carole Knits said...

I love that the girls held hands in the waves! So cute!

Manise said...

Great summer fun!