Sep 21, 2011

Starting Again

Earlier this week I mentioned that there were signs that I was ready to go back to work. Some of them were things like catching up on calls and appointments. I also started taking over the laundry although that was more a matter of necessity because Bruce was doing his best to destroy all of our clothes. I got back to the business of organizing and planning and generally reclaiming most of the tasks that are usually mine. And then there was the yarn... it should surprise no one that a return to yarn was involved.

It seems like only yesterday that I was planning DQ's Bat Mitzvah and yet here I am planning Stinkerbelle's. Part of the event prep now as it was then is the creation of a set of kippot. Stinkaroonie is a very different girl than her sister and I want every aspect of her event to reflect that. The location and menu will be way different and so will the theme.


With this in mind I requested some yarn samples many months ago so that I could test them out. Since then they sat and sat and sat as I did everything but play with yarn. Finally, as I started preparing to go back to work I took out the samples and worked them up. They are arranged in the order I tried them. First was a cotton bamboo which was really nice. I love the creamy look of the yarn. Next was a bamboo silk which was very much like the pure silk I used last time but a little thicker. Very nice luster. Last I took a bit of Normandy linen for a spin. Really lovely stuff.

I knew which sample I wanted to use almost immediately but I asked Stinkerbelle and Bruce for their opinion anyway. Happily, they totally agreed. Can you guess which one we chose? Which would you choose? I'm really curious to hear you opinions.


sprite said...

I like the middle one best, but, of course, that's merely visual personal preference.

I look forward to hearing which one won the test!

Carole Knits said...

I love the shine of the bamboo/silk but I'm not sure that would be Daria's choice.

Mini said...

I like the bamboo/silk, but i'm guessing this is for your softball lovin' girl? I'm guessing the linen. :)