Nov 17, 2011

Drama All Around

Today is a huge day for DQ. Huge! Monumental! Her school play opens tonight and it's a bigger deal than ever. It got a front page write up in the Arts section of the Washington Post last weekend and tonight a local news broadcast will be there to report on it. Why all the fuss? It's the world premiere of a play by a Ken Ludwig, a Tony nominated broadway playright. All kinds of folks will be attending and the shows are nearly sold out. Pretty stressful if you're running the house and making sure that att the seating goes smoothly.


Fortunately my girl is up to the task. I think that the stress of running the house pales in comparison to the incredible pressure she's been under for the past few weeks to get the sets painted because she was the crew chief for the paint crew.

Then again, she's also feeling pretty good today anyway because after the play (and the talk back with the playright that follows it) she and a bunch of friends are off to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn, the latest in the Twilight Saga.


Like any real Twi-Hard she'll be decked out in Twilight inspired gear. A t-shirt and the Eclipse socks of course and a new addition - her just finished Bella's Mitts.


There's not much to say about these that hasn't been said before. The pattern was clear and not terribly difficult except for cabling with that chunky yarn. That's not much fun. The only thing to beware of is that just off the needles these really didn't look great. They needed a soaking and stuffing to get in shape. Now that they're dry they look really good and I'm sure that DQ would wear them even if they didn't because they are still Bella's Mitts after all and besides, it's cold out there!

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Carole Knits said...

The mitts are fantastic! And to Lindsay and all her friends tonight: break a leg!