Nov 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Yesterday was Halloween and it was unlike any that Bruce and I had experienced before. The best way to describe it was an intersection. On the one hand we had Miss M who is not yet ready for Halloween and trick or treating. On the other, we had DQ and Stink who went trick or treating with friends. They don't need us to take them around anymore. Not only that - DQ didn't even need a ride to her friends house because another friend drove her. (I'm trying really hard to get used to that)


I'm still waiting for DQ to turn our pie pumpkins into pumpkin bread but Stinkette and I couldn't let the holiday slip by without making jack-o-lanterns so we went and got 2 bigger pumpkins for that purpose and carved them on Sunday. Stink used one of the templates provided with the pumpkin carving tools to create a spooky tableau with a crow. I shamelessly ganked an idea from another blog and featured Miss M's hands in my creation.


Here are all three of our girls last night. A zombie, a vampire, and a sweet baby girl. Miss M had a costume this year too but I'll share that tomorrow.

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Carole Knits said...

It's definitely going to be an interesting family dynamic that develops with the age difference you have here. I predict that Miss M is going to be a spoiled and well loved little girl!