Oct 31, 2011

Toys and an Early Snow

My weekend got off to rocky start with a Friday that I'd rather forget which is why there was no post. Blame insurance adjusters, the unhelpful woman at the collision shop, a bad lunch and a busy day at work that kept me a little late. Sadly, Friday was also my birthday. The saving grace was a smily baby and a ton of lovely birthday messages. Moving on.

Better that we should celebrate Miss M's 4 month birthday. She's the one who got the great report at her check up on Thursday and she got a toy to celebrate. Yay for toys!

I tried to get a good (not blurry) picture of Miss M enjoying her new toy but she was having too much fun. She has suddenly realized that all the stuff we put in front of her can go IN THE MOUTH and OMG is that the best thing ever! Not only does her saucer have new stuff to shove in her mouth.... she can see us when she's standing up in it and spin herself around to follow our movement. Is there anything better than that?

It's good that we had a lot inside to keep us entertained because it snowed by us on Saturday. Such a crazy thing! DQ had the Homecoming dance that night and, like many girls, had to revise her outfit to include a winter coat to cover her pretty dress.

On the positive side, the early snow offered great photo opportunities. You don't often see snow on the fall leaves. They were really pretty.

So much more to say about the weekend and I even have pictures of some of it.


sprite said...

Belated happy birthday wishes... May things only go up from here!

Carole Knits said...

I'm sorry you had a bad start to the weekend, especially on your birthday. Cute photo of the wee one and yes, snow on leaves is a weird thing. We didn't get much snow here but Hannah's school got clobbered. They've been without power since late Saturday afternoon.