Oct 7, 2011

ECF - Three Month Old Miss M Edition

Well, they're a week late due to the rainy days and Miss M's recent cold but finally I've got pictures of my girl at 3 months. And they're just in time for ECF. Yay!

Since they're a little late I've got a few extra to offer. She was in such a good mood when I took these. She was happy and smiling at me. I just love happy babies.

Note that my sweet girl is already decked out in Halloween duds. That would be her sister, Stinkerbelle's doing. Our Stink loves Halloween and insisted that her baby sister needed 2 cute outfits and she'll probably wear them all month long.



Carole Knits said...

That second photo made me laugh! Love her, she's so cute!

Manise said...

She is so stinking cute! Love that twinkly smile!