Oct 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Ten Things You Love About Weddings

Today we're talking about weddings and what we love about them. It's been a long time since I've been to a wedding. Things come in cycles - everyone is getting married, then everyone is having babies, all those babies are going to school, being Bar & Bat Mitzvahed and now all those babies are going off to college. All of these events are exciting but there's something about a wedding.

Wedding Flowers

Here is a picture I took of the flowers at my cousins wedding a number of years ago. Since I haven't been to a wedding in quite a while I recycled this one. Here's the list.

  1. The Dress - I admit it, I was one of those who couldn't wait to see what Kate would wear when she married William. I think that half the world was with me on that one. A great wedding dress is a thing of beauty and a less fab one is a conversation starter forever.

  2. The Flowers - I love flowers. They're a great opportunity for the photographers in the crowd and they're just plain pretty.

  3. Food - Ok, this is a little iffy. I've been to weddings where the food was cold or just not good but that's not the norm. Usually the food at weddings is plentiful and good. Little hot dogs anyone?

  4. The Cake - This really does deserve an entry of it's own. Aside from the dress I think that the cake is one of the things that people most anticipate.

  5. Bridesmaids Dresses - Delight or Disaster? One look at the bridal party says so much about the event. Girls in neon, fru-fru nightmares can probably define bridezilla for you with excellent examples.

  6. Seeing Friends and Family - We're most likely to gather together for 2 big life cycle events - weddngs and funerals. The former is certainly more fun.

  7. Having an Excuse to Get Dressed Up - So many events these days are casual and that's a good thing but... every so often it's nice to have a reason to really get dresssed up. Go for a mani/pedi and get yourself all done up for real.

  8. Music - If they've got a good band then a wedding can really get hopping. Dance to the music or just sit and lose yourself in it.

  9. People watching - People do such dumb stuff - especially when they're drunk.

  10. They're Life Affirming - There are few things that express our hope for the future quite as clearly as weddings and births. Both events tell the world that we believe that good things are ahead and we want to share them - with a spouse or a child.

What do you love about weddings?


Cursing Mama said...

Working on my own list & trying very hard not to copy from yours :D

Carole Knits said...

I love your list!

Anonymous said...

Bad dress is a conversation starter for sure! My aunt was married in the 60's and wore a mini wedding dress. I bet she regrets it now. The other one that comes to mind was silver.