Oct 6, 2011

Color and Texture

While it is true that I love fiber festivals and I'm missing both MDS&W and Rhinebeck this year, that not why I went to Montpelier last weekend. It would've been an excellent excuse but I already had one. I had to pick up the yarn I ordered for Stinkette's kippot. Here it is - linen.

I kind of love it even though it's going to be a challenge. It was a family decision and that's kind of cool too. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it worked up samples and shared them with Bruce and Stinkette and we all agreed that this was what we'd use. What surprised me was the reasons they gave. Stink said that she liked the texture and that it wasn't shiny. She also noted that it was more of a true white. Bruce chose it because it had more body and would hold it's shape well. I feel so proud! I'm rubbing off on them.

Although the linen was the first thing I picked up at the festival, it was far from the last. If I'm there then why not shop?

This was an early purchase. It just about begged to come home with me. It's a color called Grateful Dyed from Wild Hare Fiber Studio. Normally I'd say it was too bright but for a baby .... it's perfect. I just love the bright colors for Miss M. Maybe socks, maybe a hat. I'll see what it tells me.


Apparently colorful yarn was the order of the day because not only did I pick up a skein of Bee Bop from Dancing Leaf Farm, but I started knitting it up the same night! Lots of color here!


It's going to be a simple little hat for Miss M. It got cold here last weekend and my poor girl was stuck wearing a pitiful pink hat that kept falling over her eyes. I got to recognize the particular whimper she does when that happens very well. Now it's warm again for a few days and I aim to finish her hat before she needs it again. Then we'll see what kind of a model she is.

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Carole Knits said...

I love the bright colors you bought. I bet you were drawn to them because you will need color to offset all that white yarn you're going to be working with!