Oct 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Ways to Eat Pumpkin

This is a picture of a pumpkin I grew a few years ago. I really hope that we can get our act together and grow some next summer. We bought some pumpkins to eat this year and I'm sure that we'll buy more for carving but it's not the same as cooking or carving those that you grew yourself. It'll still work though and that's a good thing because I really like pumpkin. It's one of those things that I've grown into.

Pumpkin - still growin'

It could be said that I have pumpkin on the brain lately. It could have something to do with a certain frozen yogurt store near our house. They have the most delicious pumpkin frozen yogurt. Yum! And thus begins my list...

1. Frozen yogurt
2. Ice cream - I told my friend about my fro yo obsession and she told me that I missed tastes of pumpkin ice cream at TJ's.everything they make is fab.
3. Pumpkin spice lattes
4. Pumpkin bread - I love it when my daughter makes it. She was with me when I bought pumpkins this year. It was a hint. A broad hint. She is being obtuse.
5. Pie - duh!
6. Ravioli - I'm pretty sure that I've had pumpkin ravioli before but maybe it was butternut squash. Hmmmmm... I bet pumpkin would be good too.
7. Butter - It's just like apple butter. I think that I had this at the same place as the ice cream. As I said, all their stuff rocks.
8. Soup - pumpkin soup on cold fall day.
9. Pumpkin roll - with cream cheese frosting of course.
10. Cheesecake - this is another one that I'm not sure if I've actually had or if I'm imagining it but boy does it sound yummy.

Did I miss any?


Julie said...

Pumpkin is delicious mashed with sweet potatoes, in a curry. How about pumpkin hummus? Don't forget toasted pumpkin seeds. I think the list can go on and on :)

Carole Knits said...

I'm definitely with you on the ravioli, yummmy! And yes on the ice cream, too!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

Good timing! i just came home with a 26 lb candy roaster! I hope it's tasty I might go back for a bigger one.

Manise said...

Didn't you have the pumpkin ravioli at the CIA last year?? It was yummy.

Chantelle said...

I absolutely love pumpkin ravioli... I wish it didn't take so much time to make!

The Frizzy Hooker said...

I don't get pumpkin.
I will try it every fall in some new fashion but I am not one to cook it for myself.