Oct 24, 2011

In Action

This is a fairly rare picture - an action shot of Stinkerbelle. Hehehe. I really shouldn't say that because she does play 2 sports. This was taken during the second game of a double-header yesterday and a little over an hour after this game ended she was warming up for field hockey practice. Hardly a couch potato even if she does a excellent impression of one.


This picture actually captures one moment in a great day for our girl. She had a few really good hits and made a few really good plays. Add a little sunshine and temperatures that were just this side of cold and it was a great afternoon. A great weekend in general. I watched my girls do great stuff (all of them) and even got a few things on my to do list done. Yay! Sadly that didn't include grocery shopping but food shopping isn't nearly as enjoyable as the stuff I did do.


Carole Knits said...

Food shopping is a pain in the butt. Do you have any stores that will deliver to you? I like to do that when I can and even though it costs money for the delivery I feel like I save because I shop the sale prices very carefully and I don't buy extra stuff from the end caps.

Manise said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!