Nov 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Ten things for your cold

More proof that I'm getting back to normal. Not only did I remember to bring my camera to the Halloween party a few weeks ago but I managed to use it to annoy my daughters too This picture is a perfect example. I sat and sat watching balloons float up into the sky and tried to get just the right shot. This isn't exactly what I hoped for but it worked well enough. That and my girls patience with their camera wielding mom was shot.


It's Tuesday again and this week we're thinking about Ten Things You Do To Care For Yourself When You Have A Cold. Whew that's a long title. It's a timely one too. Now that I have a child in daycare again I'm reminded of one of the joys of that arrangement - the constant colds. Ugh! Marissa's got one yet again. Here we go...

1. Buy yarn - no known health benefits but it makes me feel better. That's got to be a good thing.
2. Sleep
3. Drink tea - it makes my throat feel so much better
4. Eat comfort foods - it's all about stuff that makes me feel better.
5. Watch movies - it really depends if I'm at home or at work and how bad my cold is. Sometimes when I feel really lousy I can't concentrate on a book but a movie works.
6. Knit - again, it's a mental health thing.
7. Stay off the phone - my colds are usually accompanied by a post nasal drip which leads to losing my voice. Less talk is a good thing.
8. Dress in layers - stay warm.
9. Take warm showers - mmmmm makes me feel so much better.
10. Relax


Carole Knits said...

I love that the first thing on your list is buy yarn! Awesome!

Mini said...

i'm with you on the tea... and, I too, must have yarn nearby when I'm sick.