Nov 2, 2011

The Neighborhood Halloween Party

Last weekend we did something we haven't done in years. We went to the neighborhood Halloween party. Boy has it changed. It's gotten so much bigger and there are food vendors there now. It was fun for all of us. The girls and I ate, played games, and looked at all the cool costumes.


Tuba Guy was there in costume. He's become quite the local celebrity.


We all took turns pushing Marissa in her stroller and carrying her. Carrying was the better choice for showing off her wings. She was Tinkerbelle.


DQ went with us too. Bruce was going to accompany his girls but threw his back out (needed to stay home and watch football) at the last minute. We had plenty of fun without him. See below.


That is pie that you see all over her face. It was apparently up her nose too. That's the price you pay for beating your mother in a pie eating contest. So. Much. Fun.

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Carole Knits said...

Your neighborhood party sounds awesome!