Nov 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Ten Ways to Use Fresh Cranberries

It's as if Carole was looking over my shoulder as I shopped this past weekend. How else could she know that I had cranberries on the brain (and in my shopping cart)?


So what will I be making with the cranberries? I have no idea but they were calling my name none-the-less. I look forward to getting lots of ideas from other blogs today so that I can cook this weekend. Yum! Here are Ten ways to Use Fresh Cranberries that I can think of.

1. Apple-Cranberry Crumble - I went searching my archives for a picture of cranberries and look what I found! The picture above is from December 2007. I think I need to find this recipe again right now.
2. Cranberry Compote - I have a recipe with cinnamon sticks and ginger that is fabulous. I should locate that one too.
3. Stuffing - I suspect that cranberries would be good in this too. Especially since I use apples in mine. Apples & cranberries are almost always a win.
4. Applesauce - continuing the theme.
5. Apple pie - have I exhausted the apples and cranberries link yet?
6. Sorbet - I bet this would be great.
7. Decorations - they keep their good looks for quite a while. Maybe in a bowl of a contrasting color.
8. Zucchini Bread - I know that dried cranberries are good in there - why not fresh?
9. Sauce - why not?
10. String them and hang them

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Carole Knits said...

Great list and that picture is making me hungry.