Jun 5, 2007

8 Days and Counting

Thanks for all of the nice comments on yesterday's post. Believe it or not, there's even more to tell but I'll go through it chronologically with monthly posts.

As I wrote yesterday's post I was suddenly struck by a sense of irony. Here I was, writing about new beginnings and I hadn't yet shared my current big news. I quit the soul-sucking job from hell (SSJFH) last Thursday! Yup! I feel more relief than I can possibly express. I have a new gig lined up and I'll start it later this month. It offers a little more money, better hours, a better location etc... but that's not why I know it will be fabulous. I feel confident about this new job because every lousy job I've ever had has been followed by something wonderful. It's like a reward for toughing it out.

The time I've spent at the SSJFH has been horrible for me. It's been so bad that I've often hoped that they would fire me. That was a new and alarming feeling for me because I tend to thrive on adversity. It makes me want to succeed even more. This place just made me want to curl up and hide. After giving it a lot of thought I realized that all the other jobs I've had have been balanced. There was unpleasantness but there have always been perks and incentives that made up for the stuff that sucks. There's no balance here. There's nothing to inspire you.

While I'm really happy to be leaving my SSJFH at the Very Big Communications company, I can't say that I totally regret my time here. The disappointment I felt with the job is what drove me to escape to the internet where I found the blogs. I don't have to tell you again about how much I love Blogland and the friends I've made there. I'm also pretty sure I've mentioned more than once how much the blogs have changed what and how I knit. It's all good!

It may sound a little maudlin but I can't regret any experience that teaches me something and I've definitely learned a lot about myself and about corporate America here. I know what to avoid in the future.

IMG_1169So, what else is new lately? I could tell you about last weekend but it would sound a lot like blah, blah, blah swimming pool - blah, blah, blah end of school year events - blah, blah, blah stuff around the house. Not very exciting at all except that I got myself a nifty new bag. I walked into M*arsh*lls looking for bathing suits for Stink-o and there it was calling my name. What could I do but take it home? It even has ample room for my current knitting.

Teacher gifts -Part 1Yes, there is knitting in the bag and I have finished a few things lately but they haven't been too exciting. I decided to make a few teacher gifts this year. I don't always do it because, with so darn many teachers, it gets really expensive. I also tend to forget until the last possible minute. Ooops!

This year, I'm feeling especially appreciative of all the extra work that went into helping my Stink catch up. I couldn't just thank her teachers and not DQ's teachers so I've been knitting MD washcloths like a crazy person. I ordered handmade soap from Daisycakes Soap on Etsy and they arrived yesterday. They smell soo good.

My plan is to knit the cloths up and block them out. Then, I'll let the girls each choose 2 cloths and 2 soaps and let them make up personal gifts for their teachers. I'll show them to you when they're completed.


Cursing Mama said...

I just now remembered teacher gifts - I wonder why it popped into my head?!

Love the bag! It'll look awesome as you head out to your first day at the new job.

Carole Knits said...

Details on the new job, please. :-)

Margene said...

Hurray for you! Enjoy your time off AND the new job when it happens, too.

Krista said...

Glad you are moving on to something better! Oh, and cursing mama's comment made me remember I had to get something for my daughter's teachers too! Yikes!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I'm so happy you have found a better job! Having a soul sucking job has got to be one of the worst things to endure!

clothesknit said...

Congrats! Sounds like a good transition for you.

Love the idea for teacher's gifts -- I'm sure they will be loved!