Jun 10, 2007

A Fair Weekend

It was a great weekend.

Framed Girls on Slide

Saturday was a typical weekend day and it was jam-packed with errands. It's the price we pay for working all week - all of the household chores get pushed to the weekends. Thankfully, we got a huge amount done on Saturday. We chose fixtures for an upcoming home renovation project, we shopped for clothes and I took Stink to spend one of the many gift cards she received as a birthday gift.
I have to say that the gift card thing is an interesting trend in birthday gifts. My girls get tons of them. One year DQ got enough from one store to pay most of the cost of a digital camera. Most often the cards are spread out over a number of stores which means that, on the positive side, the kids get to choose what they really want instead of pretenting to be thrilled with something that will sit and collect dust on the shelf in their room. On the negative side, the kids hound us to go spend the gifts and, when we do finally get to the store, they have such a hard time sticking to the value of the card.

Bumper StinkBumper DQ

The upside of out crazy day on Saturday is that it left Sunday completely free to go to the fair. The girls had a blast. We did a little bit of everything. We saw shows, we ate, and the girls went on rides.
At the end of the day my girls were pretty tired which allowed me to send them to bed at a decent hour and watch the finale of the Sopranos in peace. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. As an episode it was fine. As a finale it lacked the power and drama that I would have expected. I supose that if so many of the major characters hadn't already been killed off or comatose a more dramatic finale would have worked better. Although my heart was pounding a little as I watched meadow try to park her car, the ending was not quite what would have hoped for. But that's just me - I could be wrong.


Carole Knits said...

Looks like you had fun at the fair. I hope you ate some fried dough!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

That looks like fun! I hadn't thought about the trouble with gift cards. Fortunately when we do gift cards for the youngest nephew we try to get one from the same place that SIL3 does so he gets at least two cards for one place...