Jun 14, 2007

ECF - Tiger Lily Edition

Tiger Lily

I am in love with this picture. I just wish I knew why the edges on the petals look all wrinkly. I have a rather large patch of these in my yard (left by the previous owners) and they all look weird like this.
IMG_1253[1]I couldn't let a week go by without a garden update - especially since there is cool stuff to report.

Most of the blueberries are still green but there is one that's turned blue. Can you see it? It's hiding behind the green ones. I wonder why it's turned blue ahead of the rest of the bush.
After work yesterday I went to get my hair done. Gotta look my best when they take the picture for my new ID! I came home afterward and couldn't resist a quick little tour of the garden. There is just something about watching all of the fruits and veggies grow that feels terrific. No matter what your day is like, when you come home and see that a new pepper is growing or that the herbs are really thriving it just makes you feel happy.

I was going to show to the freshly dyed BFL that will complete the software for my Spun Stitches shawl but it's not dry yet. I'll show it to you on Monday when I will be blogging on my nice sunny patio at home. Hopefully I'll have quite a bit to share because I plan on lot's of fiber play this weekend.

Have a great weekend!


Carole Knits said...

The tiger lily is really pretty and I bet you'll have a bush full of BLUE berries very soon.

Carol said...

Be that way! Blog on your sunny porch while we're all working on Monday...
I love tiger lillies, so vibrant. Blueberries look great! Looks like the blue one is just impatient. Happy weekend!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

We've started a nightly garden tour ourselves. We check to see what is blooming and what has set fruit. We planted some seeds this past weekend and we have baby radish and basil popping up already! The basil are almost invisible, but the radish are very much there. It is sooo exciting! Your blueberry looks great!

Shelley said...

How will you split one blueberry four ways?

All those Tiger Lilies would make a great embellishment for a salad! Maybe you can find/plant some of the double-ruffled variety. They taste sweeter and they give you more for eating too.