Jun 6, 2007

Garden Under Wraps

I have to say that I'm really enjoying my garden this year. I hope that you are too.
Blueberries Under Wraps
Look! I finally got a net to cover my blueberries last weekend. As I installed it earlier this week I could hear the birds in the trees nearby. They were twittering away very animatedly. It seemed to me that they were rather annoyed at me for limiting their access to my berries.
I feel better knowing that my berries are protected but the net worries me a little too. Since I put it up, I've been checking the bush every night when I get home to make sure that no birds or animals have become caught in the net. I cannot wait until these blueberries are ripe.

Pepper to Be
Look what else I found! This is the first of the sweet peppers to appear. Most of the pepper plants have flowers on them but this one seems to be way ahead of the pack with a pepper already growing on it. All indications are that I'll have a nice crop of peppers this summer. Yum!

Zucchini Blossoms
Not only will we have peppers and berries, but zucchini too. Look at these lovely blossoms!
Some day maybe I'll take a picture showing our mini-garden in it's entirety. Then you'll see that the space is really quite small, narrow and random. As I planted my seedlings I had little hope of success because I didn't have the luxury of a proper amount of space for my plants. There's still time for my garden to devolve into chaos but at least there is a liklihood that the mess will produce some good eats.

Birdhouse Exit
Here's one last related note. Look at our birdhouse. This is the back of it. That bump is a trap door that we use to clean it out every year. The entry is on the front of the house but apparently it wasn't enough for the birds so they appear to have created an exit as well. We just noticed the home improvement they made the other day. I'm just tickled that the little house is getting such heavy use. On the weekends I often sit nearby and observe the birds coming and going. They sit in the bushes near it and call to each other. The birds are aboundant around my house this year. I wonder if they're expecting a feast.


Cursing Mama said...

I won't see a bloom or blossom for weeks - although the strawberry's occasionally produce early if the whim hits them.
Now I'm hungry for fresh produce.....

sprite said...

That back door is excellent! What clever birds!

Lolly said...

Great garden! I love the blueberries! I took a lot of pictures in my garden too. I think all of this rain that we had over the weekend made everything take off so quickly!

I can't wait for fresh veggies! :)

Shelley said...

lucky they didn't contract for a picture window with a balcony...

Carole Knits said...

I was wondering how you were going to prevent the birds from eating the berries. Very clever solution. And I love the photo of the squash blossoms!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Yeah for thriving gardens! :-)

Teyani said...

does the netting really work to keep the birds off the berries? little birdies here are already snapping up all the cherries (and we let them)
fresh veggies springing up everywhere! We'll have to share recipes (grin)