Jun 24, 2007

Lifestyles of the Unemployed

I had every intention of blogging during my week at home but it didn't work out that way. Actually, there were quite a few things I didn't do. I didn't knit much. I didn't spin much. I didn't read many blogs (I'm woefully behind). I didn't read any of the books I took out from the library. I didn't cook at all. What I did do is hang out with Stinkerbelle nearly 24/7 (DQ was in Savannah with her Girl Scout troop) and spend money. Lot's of money. How is it that the one week that I was not earning anything turned out to be one of the most expensive weeks in recent memory?

Here is a representation of what I did in the requisite bullet pointed format.

  • My car went in for routine service and, in the course of that service, was found to require extensive work. It was mostly normal wear and tear stuff on my 8 year old car but really, really expensive. Ka-ching!

  • TruckThe repairs were so expensive and time consuming that the dealer rented us a car for the day. At the rental place, Stink and I worked our feminine wiles to get ourselves a free upgrade to a somewhat large pickup truck.(It was either that or an orange Chevy Cobalt - yuck!) Hubbo aspires to own such a vehicle some day and nearly fell over when I pulled into the driveway with it. He often refers to his soccer-dad suv as his truck so Stink hopped down out of the cab and said to him "Now that's a truck!" That's my girl!

  • While doing the work on my car the techs noted that my rear speakers were blown. Who knew? Ummmm... I guess that's what happens when you listen to your music really loud. That was not among the repairs that got done this week. Believe it or not I look forward to attempting the speaker replacement myself.

  • I took Stink to a water park as a surprise. I just love doing fun stuff like that when my girls least expect it. The water was lovely and the day was super hot so I spent a lot of time floating on a tube in the lazy river. Stink spent and equal amount of time swimming underneath me and tipping me out of the tube by nudging me with her head under my butt. After the third time I told her she had to stop because it wasn't funny and I was not enjoying it. She looked at me seriously and said "But you're smiling mommy." She spent that rest of the day tipping me out of the tubes and I laughed all afternoon.

  • I took Stink to see the new Shrek movie and spent way too much on snacks. Ka-ching!

  • I made some final decisions on the tile, fixtures etc that will be used when our bathrooms are both re-done this summer. Ka-ching!

  • We got new gutters installed. Ka-ching again!

  • I bought lots of new clothes to make a splash at the new office. I bought skirts and sweaters and shoes and a dress. I will be styling for sure! You guessed it - Ka-ching!

  • DQ Does HairsprayFinally, we attended my dear Drama Queen's dance recitals upon her return from Savannah. She was great but sitting through hours and hours of recitals was not.

  • Also on the not great list was having my Mother-in-Law here for a long weekend right on the heels of the Father's Day visit from my Father-in-Law and his wife. Thankfully I shouldn't have to host them all again for many months to come.

Well, tomorrow I go back to work and my brother comes for an overnight visit. Yay! I'm hoping that the new job lives up to expectations.


Carole Knits said...

Vacations sure are expensive! Sounds like you had a fun week. Hope the job is all you expect it to be.

Margene said...

Congrats on the new job, new clothes and knowing how to have lots of fun (and spend money);-)

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

It'll be fantastic to start the new job off with some new duds. It is funny though how the spending is worst when the earning is least, isn't it? Sounds like overall a grand time though.

Carol said...

Sounds like you wouldn't trade a moment though! Hope your work day is going great!