Sep 11, 2007

The Fun Part

Just when you thought I'd given up and retreated to the land of dish cloths - the Clapotis returns! In reality I've been working on it in brief spurts for a while but now I feel the urge to finish it fast.Clapotis - the fun starts
Maybe it's because I've finally reached the fun part. I dropped my first stitches. Yay! Until this point it's been all knit and purl with regular knit through the back loops and yarn-overs for interest. Fun huh? Maybe that's why I've been fantasizing about sweaters and lace as I work on it. I think that the joy of working with this wonderful yarn I would be hopelessly bored by this project. But the yarn is truly fab and I love it dearly so I slog on.
I had initially hoped to wear this during the High Holidays but.... predictably they've crept up on me again. You'd think that after all this time I'd see them coming but no. I am hopeless. On the positive side, my Seraphim, which I'd hoped to wear for the High Holidays last year is ready for this year. That's something isn't it? I'd say that means that my Clapotis will be ready in time for next year.
Anyway, I'm feeling super sluglike. Last weekend I was shopping with DQ and it occurred to me to get a turkey for the holiday. I had already put chicken soup and matzoh balls and other holiday stuff in my shopping cart. A turkey seemed to be in order.
I turned to DQ and asked what she thought about having a turkey for the holiday dinner. She said that it seemed wrong to have a turkey with out company. Yes, that's very true. A turkey really needs a crowd to feel right.
That night I asked hubbo what he thought about the turkey and guests thing. Bearing in mind of course that my house is still short one bathroom and rather a mess. He agreed that we ought to invite a few friends and threw out suggestions. It just all felt like too much to consider right at that moment so I told him I'd have to think on it and get back to him. I am nothing if not sluglike right now.
There's another thing that's snuck up on me. The Harlot is going to be here in Virginia next week! Ack! I need to plan the logistics. I know that some of you have been lucky enough to see her - tell me, how early should we get there? One hour, two hours... should we camp out overnight? Help!


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Holidays always sneak up on a person! DH just warned me that if I wanted to order prints from Adorama I needed to do so quick or it would be a long wait :-) He also just got his new calendar in preparation!

As for the Harlot, the line thing wasn't nearly as bad as we had been led to believe. I think we were ~3 hours early and we were right around the 50th seats to be filled (they passed out numbers as you walked into the room for where you would be in line for the book signing). I do not recall hearing anyone being turned away as we had feared would happen. However, if you were at the end of the line for the signing it was a very late night for you :-)

Cursing Mama said...

Hrmm - Harlot advice....It all really depends on how well the logistics have been worked out by the sponsoring company. Yarn shops know whats coming & do a fantastic job - some book shops & library's don't have a clue. If you want a seat for the talk I'd get in cahoots with the sponsor some how to ensure your spot.
My advice if you want books signed expect to wait (she always wants people with babies/children or who can not stand long to go through first). Bring something (a sock) to knit. Wear comfortable shoes. Don't forget your camera. A Beer is never turned down. I dearly wish I could go with you.

Carol said...

So much coming up! Your "Clap" as we're calling it is really nice! I'm up for the punishment of making mine in solid love the hectic stuff, admit it! And I'm so jealous that you get to see the Harlot! In the nicest possible way that is;)

Carole Knits said...

Wear the seraphim this year and you'll have the clapotis for next year. As for the Harlot, I don't think you need to get there too early but if you want a seat it might be best to be early.

Felicia said...

Should we bring Peapod?