Sep 25, 2007

Tilia Croaks

IMG_1843This is Tilia. I started this sweater quite a while ago and I loved it but... I've always had misgivings. I saw the yarn a year ago and I instantly loved it. I felt the pull of this yarn so hard and I just had to have it. The color is wonderful but the feel of it is divine. It's fabulous yarn.

I got one of the design books, The Enchanted Garden, because it had such lovely designs. I envisioned myself happily wearing Tilia but deep down I knew it wasn't right for me. The interest is all at the waist and ... ahem... I have none. The measurements, which I studied at length, didn't offer much hope either. If I made the sweater as written it wouldn't have offered a lot of room for error. The chances that it would work for me were so slim but I bought the yarn and started to knit anyway. I'd like to think it was optimism but, in reality, it was probably denial and stubbornness.

IMG_1847This is Tilia now. A few months ago I read a post on Mim's blog and it started me thinking seriosly about the knitty reality of knitting Tilia - a sweater that was more than just unlikely to fit me. Mim may have more hips than the model in the book but I have both hips and ass - neither of which the model possess'. Oh the denial!

I watched Mim work through her Tilia issues with a sinking feeling. She added gussets and wound up with a lovely, wearable sweater. I am mathematically challenged. Knitty math is way beyond me. The more I thought about Tilia the more I knew what I had to do. I finally gave in tonight and frogged Tilia. Even if I had added gussets there's no guarantee that she would've fit well or flattered my ample figure. It's for the best. I think that I've already chosen another pattern for this lovely yarn but that's for another day.

Stinky is still throwing up, even though she hasn't eaten solid food since Sunday, so tomorrow morning I'll take her back to the doctor. They want to do a few super-gross tests. Monday, when hubbo stayed home with her, she was really feverish and slept most of the day. Today she was still miserable but awake which led to a lovely day with Miss Whiny & Demanding. That's so not fair! Even less fair is that tomorrow night, Hubbo is going to an MLS soccer game with a friend. I'll be on duty all day AND all night. So not fair!


Margene said...

I've given up my Tilia dreams, too. It's pretty but just not for everyone. The yarn will be gorgeous in something more suitable.

Margaret said...

Too bad about Tilia. We had a sample of it at TNL a while back, and it is pretty, but definitely not a flattering shape for everyone. Lots of nice things you can do with the Silky Wool though. I've seen several Tangled Yoke cardi's on Ravelry in SW.

Carole Knits said...

Best to figure out now that Tilia isn't right. Hope the kiddo is better!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Sometimes it is hard to let go of a garment we like, but as everyone else has already said, best to do it now when you are sure it just isn't going to work.

Cursing Mama said...

poor stink!

And poor you - hopefully the docs will have magic make the sick not a PITA meds for her (or you)