Sep 9, 2007

Shop, shop, shop

IMG_1743This weekend didn't turn out exactly the way I planned but it was pretty good anyway. We spent most of our time shopping and not so much time playing. The good news is that we got a lot done. We got a bunch of stuff for the bathroom-in-progress including a trip to an antique store that was a lot closer to Charlottesville than we remembered. We'd seen it during our recent vacation and been kicking ourselves ever since for not buying certain items. Thankfully they were still there.
Saturday also included a stop at one of our favorite craft shows. We found some stuff that we needed/wanted and Stinkerbelle became a part of the entertainment again. This time she was a knight - see her in the middle of a throng of fellow knights? We always enjoy going to crafts fairs but this time it was a little sad. It was a super hot day and it seemed like there were not nearly as many people there. There even seemed to be fewer vendors. Hubbo was talking to a vendor we know who was saying the craft fairs are falling on hard times lately. I think that's really unfortunate because we really enjoy them.
IMG_1744It wasn't all bad news at the fair. I saw a new vendor who fascinated me. Hover Montes is a weaver from Peru and this is some of his work. We really wanted to take one of these fabulous tapestries home but we just didn't know where we'd put it. He had his loom set up in the booth and you could watch him work. He has wool in different colors that he places piece by piece as he creates the design. Believe me, this stuff is just gorgeous up close.
We were out all day on Saturday and we finally got home with just enough time for Old Movie night as Saturday evenings have become known in our house. A week ago we watched Kiss Them For Me which was a Cary Grant movie but not a very good one. It was a wartime flick about a group of servicemen trying to enjoy leave in San Francisco. It just wasn't much fun.
IMG_1745The movie we watched this week was much better. Mr. Lucky is another wartime movie but much more lighthearted which makes it perfect for Old Movie Night. In it Cary Grant is trying to scam money out of the War Relief group by charming all of the women running the operation. It's predictable but fun anyway. In case you haven't seen it, knitting plays a small role and that part made us all laugh although not even the sight of Cary Grant with needles could tempt my DH to pick them up. Another amusing part were the scenes where Joe and Dorothy drive to Maryland and back. Hubbo commented that it was weird to see them make the whole trip without any tolls but of course the movie predates the Jersey Turnpike. Ha!


Carole Knits said...

Mr. Lucky sounds good and I'm going to add it to our list.

Carol said...

I'll check that movie out. I always liked the old war movies. I believe I saw an article about that tapestry maker! What gorgeous work! If that's the same family, they even dye their own yarn for the weaving. glad you got all the goodies you wanted and a cool show too!