Oct 16, 2007


Clapotis continues cruising along, I'm still resisting the siren song of my new aquisitions, and the crying at random moments shows no sign of stopping. Nobody wants to hear about all that. Not even me.

Thankfully, there is stuff that distracts or amuses me from time to time so lets focus on that today.

I've been taking Metro lately. Mostly it sux because the trains are crowded, they constantly break down and despite all these negatives they regularly raise the rates. On the positive side, there are few places that are better for people watching. Sometimes it's sweet like the mother with 2 small children I saw the other day. The train was packed and they had to stand. In their efforts to stay vertical, the children had each grabbed onto a stranger's shirt (in addition to their mother's hands) and the woman whose shirt it was just smiled down at them. Awwwww....

Then there's ewwww which is what I thought as I watch a young guy preening. As so many do these days, he was wearing his jeans very low on his waist. It was another very full train so he was holding on to a rail on the ceiling - hanging from it actually. Um, not a great idea if you don't have a six pack and certainly not if your jeans are hanging a bit low. Know what I mean. Not indecent - just yuck.

Another random thing worth noting is how thankful I feel for my DVR. My 3 weeks in hell coincided with the start of the fall season. I missed a lot but, I'm happy to note, my DVR didn't. I've finally caught up with Grey's (just ok so far) and Desperate Housewives which seems to be off to a good start. Is it just me or is the Dana Delaney story line much more fun than the Alfre Woodard one? I think so. I'm also really enjoying catching up with Damages (the Glenn close show). The story is really coming together and getting intense. I'm not quite caught up with it yet but I'm really enjoying it.

That's all for today.


Adrienne said...

DVR is a wonderful, wonderful thing! LOL

Cursing Mama said...

Totally agree with your thoughts on Greys & DH - have you seen Dirty Sexy Money? Totally FANTASTIC!

Friday Night Lights may have jumped the shark (grrrrrr)

Carole Knits said...

I'm enjoying the Dana Delaney story, too. I'm really curious about what the secret is all about!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Random crying is awful normal I think.

I agree with your assessment of Gray's, though I think I'm behind one episode yet. Oddly, I think I'm preferring Private Practice! I've been very thankful of the fall season and the DVRs company for all this spinning I've been doing. They are fantastic things, aren't they?

Daisy said...

I think Alfre Woodard is great, especially in The Bible Experience. Anything with her is great. I like Dirty Sexy Money better than Desperate Housewives.