Oct 30, 2007

Too Much Candy

IMG_1999Happy Halloween everyone!

This is the view right outside my library doors. The table, with the cute plastic pumpkin appear bright and early Monday morning and it's been there ever since. Apparently one of the traditions in this office is to place pumpkins like this throughout the office for the Whole Week of Halloween and keep them continually replenished. Ack!

My daughters would think this was a pretty neat thing. I suspect a lot of people would but having this little bucket right outside my door all week long has been torture. I tried not to partake but my resolve faded embarrassingly fast.

It has been kind of amusing though because my library has big glass doors so we get to watch peoples candy habits. There are those who come once a day, grab a piece or 2 and that's it. There are those who stop each and every time they pass by. Then there are people who more or less drain the bucket once a day all by themselves. I guess the candy brings out the kid in all of us - for better or worse.

On another note, tomorrow is a big day because all of the patterns for Sock Madness 2 are due. I can't wait to see how they look.


Carole Knits said...

The Halloween candy shows up here the day after the holiday when everyone brings in their leftover candy to get it out of their house. I'm pretty good at resisting, though. Now, if it were nachos they all brought in, that would be a different story.

Cursing Mama said...

I love candy. But I've managed to get an edge over it. Which is really good considering there is a large box of Godiva in my desk drawer.

tenacious knitter said...

Hi Hillary - I can be a bit slow: I just realized that your comment on my blog and this blog is yours. Cool! I'll be lurking and reading :) -- Tina