Oct 15, 2007

Picking up where I left off

I took this picture in the hospital room that I shared with Stinkerbelle for 2 days and nights while she was sick. (It turned out that she had shigella which is like e-coli or salmonella. She had a pretty intense case of it. We still have no clue where she got it but right now I don't care. The important thing is that it's behind us.) The theme of the mural was Greece and it was nice to escape into it. The sheep made me smile.IMG_1857
It's strange to think how fast things change. The stuff that seems like such a big deal fades quickly. All through that weekend I sat and worked madly on my Clapotis and tried to tune out the television which played an endless parade of kid shows. I know way more about Hannah Montana and the Suite Life of Zach and Cody than I ever wanted to.
I didn't knit at all over the past 2 weeks. My house was too full of people and there was too much going on. Besides, it just didn't feel right.
I'm just getting back to the Clapotis and working the decrease section. I figure that I should finish by the end of the week and that's a good thing because I can't wait to dig in to the stuff I bought at Stitches. I already turned some sock yarn I bought into a yarn cake and I'm itching to cast on for another pair of Dragon socks with it. Not yet though - I must finish my Clapotis first.
I was so good this year and mostly stuck to the list I brought with me. I didn't buy anything at all without a definite and specific plan. I'd show it to you but I'm not sure how much fun it is for you to see a full bag of cranberry colored Shelridge Farm yarn (for Eris) or a bagged up kit for a girly little dress. I suppose that the Tilli Tomas Disco Lights in natural would make a pretty picture but you've seen it before. Right? Better yet, I'll tell you that I got 2 skeins of that lovely stuff at 20% off as we were leaving the show. Now that's something!


Carole Knits said...

At least you got a definite diagnosis and thankfully she made a full recovery!

sprite said...

Glad to hear S is on the mend!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I'm glad there was a diagnosis and recovery! I can't quite imagine taking in that much tween shows though, LOL! I'd have been hiding in that mural and the knitting too :-)