Oct 21, 2007

Hersheypark in the Dark

IMG_1931The trip to Hershey took much longer than any of us expected. It was raining really hard at times and the traffic was nasty. It's normally about a 2 hour drive from my house but it took us 4! It was worse for my sister and brother though, they didn't arrive atthe hotel till 2 in the morning. Apparently there were floods in Connecticut and new York.
It was worth it though because Hersheypark was great. Two weekends a year they open for a Halloween celebration. They rename all the rides to "scarier" stuff so the Sidewinder becomes the Screamwinder etc. Many of the visitors to the park added to the atmosphere by coming in costume. The little kids were adorable dressed up as bumble bees, giraffes etc. Some of the adults were just plain weird. We saw super heros and witches and stuff I couldn't identify. It was really amusing.
They also have an area set up for the kids to trick or treat. They call it Treatville and as you get in line they give all the kids 12 and under bags to collect the candy. They're serious about it too. No candy for the adults at all. Bummer! In fact, they didn't give DQ a bag at first because they thought she was too old. She laughed over it. She's used to people thinking that she's older than she is. All the kids had a blast collecting their candy. Talk about kids getting sugared up.
The weather was perfect for going to the park. It was sunny and bright but not too cold or too hot. It would be great except for the fact that apparently people from far and wide noticed the weather too and they were all in the park! The lines were worse than I've ever seen them. One of the park workers commented that they'd never seen this event quite so well attended. They said it was more like a summer Saturday.

It was a great weekend full of good food (the Hershey Grill is delish!) and good company. We relaxed and played 'till we collapsed.

On Sunday, just before leaving Hershey, we went to Chocolate World to see a few shows and shop. Sadly we found that the power was out. Talk about Hershey in the Dark! We had to shop fast and pay before the back up generators powering the registers died.



Carole Knits said...

Sounds like a really fun time!

Margene said...

I just heard today that Utah is trying to entice Hersey to open a plant here...it seems so wrong;-)