Oct 31, 2007


IMG_2003Was this the perfect night to be out trick or treating or what? The sky was dark with just the right number of stars and a few puffy clouds. The air was so crisp and carried the scent of fireplaces in use. We even stopped at a friends house and found them gathered around a bonfire partaking in some adult treats of the liquid variety.

We walked and walked until we were ready to drop. Yes, we are die hard trick or treaters. My girls and their werewolf friend (seen here without their masks on) were rewarded for their efforts with pounds and pounds of candy. They were especially delighted to find that some people were giving out full size bars. Oh yes they were!

IMG_2005Halloween is one of those times when I really love my neighborhood. I love seeing all the kids in their costumes. There were toddlers dressed as lady bugs and quite a few angels, fairies and the like. Stinkerbelle was a ninja and DQ decided at the last minute to be a witch. I even enjoy seeing the older kids. It just feels like the community is alive and vital.

Another thing that amuses me are the decorations. I can usually be counted on for a pumpkin and maybe some cotton webs on my shrubs but it totally slipped my mind this year. I never get as elaborate as some houses nearby. Look at this one. It won the prize for "Spookiest". There was a guy sitting on the porch giving out candy and he was so well costumed that the kids didn't know he was real untill he started talking to them. They were so surprised.

I hope that your Halloween was great too.


Carole Knits said...

I miss trick or treating!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Once again we had no trick or treaters. But, we did go downtown late in the evening and watched the dirty dorothies, french maids, and other various scantily clad women freeze while accompanying their men to various bars. It was entertaining and there were some original and cool costumes.

Anonymous said...

I never get any trick or treaters at my house :-(

Love the picture of the kids sitting on the curb checking out their loot; I clearly remember doing that!