Nov 25, 2007

The 7th Floor

View from 7I got back from New York this afternoon. I have to say that the trip home was far less painful than expected. We did hi traffic but nowhere near what i feared. What a nice surprise!
After a full week away it's hard to know where to begin. It was more of a vacation than I expected since there was no wi-fi where I was staying. Kind of a bummer. The place we stayed was ok though. These are the views that we enjoyed all week from our 2 bedroom suite on the 7th floor of the assisted living facility where my grandparents are residents.

Another View from 7Yup! You heard right, we stayed at a place where walker jams are one of the biggest concerns. It was actually very nice. Our suite was roomy and someone came in each day to change the linens and make the beds. We ate at my grandparents table and my grandfather insisted that I use his spot in the garage all week. You can't beat it for free.
I'm sure that the girls would've enjoyed a little company their own age and perhaps the low-salt, low-sugar, low-taste diet wasn't quite their thing but being able to see so much of my grandparents was priceless. Did I ever tell you that DQ has used her "Zayde" as the subject of numerous school writing assignments? The most recent was about her hero. Awwww.
Here are my girls with their Bubby & Zayde.

Bubbe, Zayde & Da Girlz

Did you notice Stinkerbelle's new haircut. It's even shorter than before. It totally confused the old folks. In the elevator one morning a woman commented on the cute boy. I said that she was a girl and the woman responded "The boy is a girl?" I said "No, the girl is a girl." I got blank stares so I explained further that I just have 2 girls. The woman looked at me and said "Oh, 2 girls and a boy." "No," I said, "just 2 girls." This was typical of the week and Stinky was very patient and tolerant of it all. It was pretty funny though.
Midway through the vacation I got her some new gel that claims to be superstrong and waterproof. That stuff is like glue. Below is a shot of her amended 'do as she poses with DQ and Hubbo's grandmother. Can you believe that she's 94?
Da Girlz & GG B

She's a pistol too. I have often referred to her as Hubbo's "Grandmother from Hell" and nobody who knows her has ever reprimanded or corrected me. Our good deed for the holiday season was taking her with us to my family's Thanksgiving celebration. To her credit she was very pleasant and we all had a fabulous time. I hope your holiday was wonderful too.
I have so much more to tell you about - the reunion, the knitting, and so much more. On top of all that I'm taking another spinning class this week. No shortage of what to say here. Hah!


Carole Knits said...

I'm sure you created lasting memories for your daughters on this trip.

Cursing Mama said...

welcome home!

Carol said...

Welcome home! What a nice trip for all of you! I think little miss S' do is great! The longevity in both your families is amazing!