Nov 4, 2007

Cold Comfort

IMG_2010This was my home for the weekend. We stayed in a county park that was close to home and lovely. There is a lake and ball fields and a water park that is super fun in the summer. I'd been to the water park before but I had no idea that there were campgrounds there too. It seemed like a popular spot and there were many RV'S there. I saw license plates from Montana, Florida, and South Dakota.

We weren't exactly in the lap of luxury but there were some things that kept it from being unpleasant. The bathrooms were nice and clean and WARM. Running water and real toilets are nice but the water was warm too. That was a pleasant surprise.

I slept ok. I had a really good, new, sleeping bag that kept me nice and warm. What I lacked was an air mattress. I could've taken one with me but I didn't think I'd need it. I wanted to keep things simple and I thought I'd be ok without it. Not so much! I'm really achy today. Maybe I slept wrong. Maybe I was on a root. I don't know but my side and my neck are paying the price.

IMG_2011The temperatures dropped really low at night. Saturday was true Fall weather. Perhaps even Winter. I piled on thermal shirts and sweatshirts and jackets just to keep my body warm. One part of me was toasty warm without too much assistance. My feet! I brought a few pairs of hand knit socks with me and I'll tell you what. Those wool socks are really warm. Other people wore 3 and 4 pairs of socks but I was fine with just one. I am totally sold on the wool socks. Not only are they pretty, they're super warm too.

IMG_2008This was a Girl Scout event so we spent the weekend hiking and doing races and other planned activities. The girls were just so happy to be together. We broke into groups and did skits. I think that the adult skit was the best but I could be biased.

There was plenty of time to relax over the weekend. I spent a fair amount of it seeking the sun with a good book. Apparently I did a better job of staying warm in the sun than I thought because I got a little sunburned on my face.


Carole Knits said...

You're crazy! But I admire your commitment to your girls.

Margene said...

That looks like heaven! I'm envious.