Nov 30, 2007

ECF - Mystery Location Edition

I bet you'll never guess where I took this picture.

Relaxation Defined

I took this shot exactly a week ago during my trip to New York. We spent most of the week in Queens but we did take one long drive up the Taconic to visit my sister-in-law's country house. I'd never been there before.
My in-laws were there visiting from Florida and my brother-in-law was there with his family too. We rarely have the opportunity to get together as one big group and all of the cousins had a blast. The adults relaxed, drank wine, and caught up with each other by the fire crackling in the fireplace.

Home in the Trees

I liked this picture too. Stinkerbelle was so jealous when she saw this treehouse. She would love to have one. I suppose that when you have 5 or 6 acres of tree covered land to work with it's not too hard to find a suitable tree. We don't have nearly as many to choose from in our little yard in Fairfax.

Rowboat to Nowhere

How perfect is this cute little rowboat that sits in a small pond in front of the house? By small I mean barely more than a large puddle. The ducks seemed to like it.

So where is this? Believe it or not it's in Rhinebeck!


Margene said...

It looks like a marvelous place to relax and knit!

Cursing Mama said...

Wow! Makes me want to head to the cabin this weekend -

Carole Knits said...

What a pretty spot!

Carol said...

Now there's a dream location!