Nov 12, 2007

Frogging Socks

I'm not sure why I didn't do a post yesterday. I certainly wasn't lacking for what to say. I guess it just slipped my mind.
New LYSLast weekend was actually really busy and productive. On Saturday, Stinkerbelle and went on a whirlwind holiday a shopping quest and completed about 2/3 of it. I was so amazed at how much we accomplished.

Another thing that surprised me was my darling girl's demand request that we go to a yarn store. What she really wanted was to go to Springwater with her loom and do a little weaving with her "friend" who taught her. she loves that place and she's even been trying to convince me to bring her to my upcoming spinning class. So. Not. Happening.

Anyway, I can recognize opportunity when it knocks so I decided that we'd stop by the grand opening of a new LYS near me called Nature's Yarns. They had a lovely spread of treats which are always a hit with my shopping buddy - especially when they're chocolate.

Wool PancakeWe fondled yarn. They have a lot of stuff there and, surprisingly, some of it was new to me. I found a skein of Scarlet Fleece that I liked and Stinky liked it too. In fact, she told me that it would make a great new pair of fingerless gloves for her. She was showing off her Dedos en Fuego (fingerless gloves with flame design) that I made for her last year and noted that they're looking really fuzzy.

She was really patient while I admired the yarn and watched the little fashion show. It wasn't until I started to talk spinning with Lynn that she got impatient. She was ready to go. Then she was lured to a table where they were doing needle felting. She and another little girl got suck in and the next thing I knew she was asking to stay so that she could work on her creation. I asked if I should go get my sock from the car. She said yes. We stayed for another half hour at least.

Swampy sock pre-frogpondSpeaking of that sock... this is what it looked like by Sunday night. I had turned the heel and was powering on to the toe. As I knit it thought about small changes I should've made. The top edge was rolling even with the row or 2 of garter stitch that I added. I had been trying to convince myself that it would be ok but it still bothered me. Then I looked at the newly complete heel and it was so poor. I am so rusty. I finally gave in and admitted that this sock really deserved better. I frogged it and now I'm back at the cast on edge. Let's hope it works better this time.


sprite said...

I can't speak to the truth of the rumor, but on Ravelry last night I read that Springwater is closing...

Sounds like the new yarn shop is a success, though!

Carole Knits said...

It's frustrating to start over from that point. I hope it's worth it, though.

Cursing Mama said...

I do not speak of socks. Socks come from stores. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's always better to frog and start over if somethings bugging you; better to redo it than to finish it and not be happy with it.