Oct 28, 2008

Happy October 28th

My sister called this morning and asked where my big celebratory birthday post was. I dunno. I just feel quieter today. Happy, but mellow. Perhaps I'm still feeling reflective.


This year my day is a busy one filled with work to do, appointments to keep and places to be. I celebrated in little ways. I went to my LYS last weekend and indulged a bit since I had my special birthday discount to use. It's just a shade under 20% this year but it certainly helped me get yarn for yet another baby gift and a sweater for Stinkerbelle. Yup, nada for me but I'm ok with that. Covering my girls in handknits is the best thing in the world and besides, Stitches is in a few short weeks. I can indulge myself there.

Have a great day. I will, and I'll have a more substantial post tomorrow.


sprite said...

Happy birthday, Hillary! May the day be gentle with you and may the upcoming year be kind.

Margene said...

Happy Birthday, friend. It sounds like you know just what you need.

Carole Knits said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!

Cursing Mama said...

Happy Birthday!