Oct 16, 2008

The Knitter Matures

DSC_0179Did you watch the debate last night? I did. It was a tough choice because it was up against the season finale of Project Runway. During past elections this would've been a no brainer - PR for sure! Last night the decision was just as easy but it went the opposite way and, Hubbo, DQ and I settled in to watch the debate. I guess it's just one more manifestation of my changing priorities.

Maybe it's the stage of life I'm in affecting my world view. I do have a birthday approaching although it's not quite a milestone. I just find that my attitude towards many things has changed a little bit and it even extends to knitting.

DSC_0180This is the Forbes Forest Scarf that I started about a year ago with the intent of gifting it to one of the men in my life. It's lovely. The yarn is KP Andean Silk and it's creating a fabric that feels fabulous and looks great. It's about to be frogged.

There was a time when I would've forced myself to finish it even though I knew it wouldn't be a winner. No longer. Tuesday night I broke into the second ball of yarn and knit another repeat of the pattern before stopping to measure the length of scarf produced by the first ball of yarn. It was only 9 inches and after a little quick math I realized that the finished scarf wouldn't be quite long enough. I also wasn't loving the bobbles and it was doubtful that I'd finish on time. Ribbit! I've already found another pattern that will work much better for me.

DSC_0178It still hurts to toss so much work but recent experience has shown that there are rewards for having the fortitude to make these tough decisions. This scarf, for another man in my life is a prime example of this. I love this project and, more importantly, I'm certain that the recipient will love it too. If he doesn't then hobbo will be happy to take it off his hands. He covets it wildly. I am so glad that I abandoned the scarf I initially planned for this person.

The third project that is currently active is the baby sweater at the top of this post. The pattern is Helena by Alison Green Will and I chose to work it in Louet Gems. I worked on it through the debate last night and I intend to finish it within the next week. That's another recent change in my knitting. I finish stuff regularly. All good things.


Cursing Mama said...

I just couldn't muster the will to watch another debate and instead immersed myself in a trashy novel. Of course I've already voted absentee so that may be part of my willingness to let the debate go by unwatched. That and an inability to watch a certain candidate without losing my lunch.

Love the baby sweater you've started!!!!!!!!

Carole Knits said...

We had to go out last night so I couldn't watch the debate live but I did Tivo it and will watch it later.

Anonymous said...

I watched the debate too; but had to bite my tongue several times to keep from yelling at the t.v. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I love your scarf and I can't wait to see the baby sweater.