Oct 31, 2008

My DC - Week 36

Today I've got another of the monuments from Lafayette Park. There are actually monuments in each corner of the park and fountains and canons within.

The inscription on the monument reads"

Erected by the Congress of the United States to Frederick William Augustus
Henry Ferdinand Baron von Steuben in Grateful recognition of his services to
the American people in their struggle for liberty

Born in Prussia September 17,1730
Died in New York November 28, 1794

After serving as Aide-de-Camp to Frederick the Great of Prussia he offered his sword to the American Colonies and was appointed Major General and Inspector General in the Continental Army.
He gave military training and discipline to the citizen soldiers who achieved the independence of the United States


Baron Von Steuben
Walking through the park after taking lots of pictures and feeling pretty satisfied with them I came upon a different angle and saw some elements in shadow. The helmet on the seated figure with its serrated edge really struck me so I took yet one more picture of it.


I hope that you all have a great weeked full of all the things you love.

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