Oct 2, 2008

O is for ...

Oddity - The quality or character of being odd or peculiar; strangeness, oddness, peculiarity, singularity.

Orange JuiceI put "O" off for quite a while because the best I could come up with was Orange Juice. That was Stinkerbelle's suggestion and quite appropriate since orange juice is a constant source of debate in our house. Where is it? Who drank the last of it? When will I go buy more of it? It's the beverage of choice in our house and no matter how much of it I buy it's never enough.

That's lame though so I waited.

DSC_0045Then last weekend I saw something in my garden that made me stop in my tracks and scratch my head.

I stopped reporting on the garden earlier this summer because there is only so much you can say about tomatoes. They're big, they're small. They're green or they're getting really red. They just keep coming. It's all good but not too exciting.

Even now, in the beginning of October the tomatoes are still ripening in our little garden of apathy. At last count there were still about 8-10 of them in varying stages of ripeness. Yummy but not newsworthy.

DSC_0046There are also peppers growing out there. We've had lots of those this year. We put them on pizza and in salads and anything else we could think of. This picture was taken last weekend too and if you look closely you can see that just beyond the big pepper in the foreground there are the beginnings of even more peppers in the other plants. I doubt that they'll finish growing before the first frost but you never know. Stranger things have happened.

But green peppers aren't terribly exciting either. Having a garden that produces a prolific amount of peppers and tomatoes was nice but not newsworthy.

I also didn't write about the big dissapointment of our garden this year. The strange lack of zucchini. We got lot's of blossoms and the bees buzzed about them but no zucchini developed. It was so weird because last year we had tons of huge ones. They were like baseball bats! One was more than 13 inches long. But this year... nothing.

DSC_0048Till now.

In October.

Suddenly I spied a zucchini growing.

Two of them are hiding there under vines that ought to be dying.

How odd that they waited until October to get started.


sprite said...

I got one zucchini out of my garden this summer as well. The blossoms fizzled somewhere back in July. I keep wondering at the myth of "too many zucchini!"

Margene said...

Nature is strange! Good "O".

Carole Knits said...

They'll be all the better tasting for the wait!

Anonymous said...

They must have waited so that you'd have a good "O" post :-)

Teyani said...

great "O" post.
ahhh nature. one just never knows. :-)
enjoy the lone zuke!