Apr 16, 2009

Finishing Fever

I have been acquiring yarn at an alarming rate lately. I don't really know why. Spring fever maybe? What I do know is that all of the purchases have specific projects associated with them and that's just crazy beause right now I'm not starting anything. (unless you count socks but please don't)

What I'm feeling lately is a really strong desire to finish up all the stuff that has been "in progress" for way too long. We're talking years - not days or months. This is That Damn Vest that I started for DH in '04 as it appeared last weekend. On top is the front of the vest which is a bit firther now. I've got about 2 inches left to knit before I start the split for the deep V neck. Yay. Hubbo may actually be able to wear this soon. Heavy wool in May... Hooray!


Seriously. I've already pulled out a linen cami for me that also dates to 2004 and I'll focus on that next. Perhaps I'll work on my cast aside Juno Regina or the baby spiral blanket next. It all must get done now. I refuse to carry any of these into next year as a WIP.

None of this Finishing Fever has stopped me from planning new projects. I have a very lovely queue of stuff I can't wait to start. Eris in Shelridge Farms. Loads of baby stuff for my niece and other birthday babies. Oh goodness there is so much lace I want to knit and I can even see adding a wild crochet afgan. The ideas are swirling in my head and I just want to do it all... NOW! Perhaps there's too much in my head and that's why I'm buying for all these projects but sticking to what's already on the needles for actual knitting.

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Carole Knits said...

Just think how great it will feel to clear up the backlog of knitting! You can do it!!