Apr 6, 2009

Off of My List

It was a busy weekend. I shopped and foung capri pants that made me do a happy dance. Seriously! My happy pants dancing embarrassed DQ greatly which made it even better. Yay!

Even better - with the strke of a pen Hubbo and I took care of 2 items off of our to-do list. New windows and a deck are on their way. I cannot tell you how excited we all are about this. Paaaaar-tay on the deck! Once it's in I can do a little landscaping and create a backyard oasis of sorts. Double yay!


DQ and I also went to a crafts fair on Sunday where we knocked out a bunch of stuff on another list. That included getting a bunch of puuurrty flower pots. We have a bunch of plants in our kitchen in need of more permanent homes and now they have them.

Crossing all that stuff off of my list makes me feel so accomplished. What'd you do this weekend?


Cursing Mama said...

I didn't do nearly as much as you did.....now I wonder what I did manage to accomplish.

Carole Knits said...

I can't wait to sit on your new deck next time we visit!

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty awesome flower pots.

I did actually manage to knock a couple things off of my to-do list, but they were very small things. Still, done is done and it does feel good :-)