Apr 1, 2009

All Things Crafty

Look what I won from Wendy! I feel like I never win anything but that's not quite true anymore I guess.

IMG_2670[1]This copy of Ms S's new Encyclopedia of Crafts arrived at my house recently and I bet that my DH is secretly very worried. While knitting has been my main vice for a long time, my addiction to all things craft is very well-established. Sadly, my track record is not good.

The list of abandoned and half finished crafts is super-long. Candle-making anyone? Would someone like to finish the last few stitches on either of my anbandoned cross stitching projects? They're both embarrassingly close to finished and have been that way for years - about 10. What about scrapbooking? I barely even go started with that. Beading? Painting? Mosaics? I've got a seemingly endless supply of materials for each of these and then some downstairs at home.

Now that I've got this fabulous book filled with 400+ pages of ideas and instruction and gorgeous pictures who knows what craftiness will follow. I am so happy to have won this book but a little worried too. I could easily get into big trouble.

Spring may be one of the few times when I welcome the rain. It's good for the flowers and good for taking pictures of the flowers. I just love how the drops look on the petals and even on the stems.



Anonymous said...

Look up "Crafters Annonymous", send your 15 oldest, incomplete projects with materials to the top 15 names on the list, add your name to the bottom of the list.. and 'pouf' problem solved. Oh, yes, and quickly put your house on the market and move b/f your name rises to the top of the list so you can move b/f the other UFOs arrive in your mailbox.

Loof Lirpa

Carole Knits said...

That book looks cool. Be careful!