Mar 31, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Look at that, I'm posting my 10 on Tuesday actually on Tuesday. Weird.


Anyway, this week the subject is Ten Things On Your "To Do" List. This Spring has swollen my to do list a bit. Here it is:
  1. Plant seeds for this year's garden. I always forget to do this and wind up going and getting the veggie plants at the nursery. Not this year.
  2. Overhaul the garden area. I have an ambitious plan that involves terracing and stone work. It's a good thing that I have a built in labor force at home to help me implement my big ideas. It's going to be fab!
  3. Get a composter. I really want a composter so tha I can turn all that kitchen waste into nice, rich soil for my garden. Good for the environment and good for us.
  4. Weed and mulch all the flower beds and fertilize what needs fertilizing.
  5. Get new windows for the house. This is a biggie finanacially and practically. We've spoken to so many folks about our windows and it's way past time for us to make a decision. I can't wait to see our 40+ year old windows go. No more condensation inside of them. No more draftiness. No more nastiness in general. Yay!
  6. Get moving on our deck. My fingers are crossed that a new deck will follow shortly after the windows. I've wanted it and envisioned it since we bought the house 10 years ago. I'm so ready to get it done.
  7. Get my bicycle out. I need to get it checked out and make sure it's ready to ride. I'm not big on walking but I can see myself using my bike to exercise. At least that's the idea.
  8. Investigate the stash. Lately stuff has disappeared into my stash and I really need to get a better handle on it. What have I got and where the hell is it all?
  9. Finish all those lingering UFO's. This is a reall obsession right now but I'll save that to discuss another day.
  10. Firm up our Summer plans. Last year there was no big family vacation but we've got one semi-planned for this year and It's going to be a good one - if I can pull it all together. I really have to get moving on this.

So there's my list. As you might expect it's rather heavy on the Spring stuff. What's on your list?


Cursing Mama said...

The seed starting & ordering is on the top of my list too! This year I'm only going to buy plants that need more of a start than I can provide (like the tomatoes).

Fingers Crossed

imquilternity said...

Lovely photo!

sprite said...

Will you be planting peanuts again this year?

Carole Knits said...

Sounds like you'll be spending a lot of time gardening - good for you!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

Windows are a great plan. We bought all new windows last year and have gotten most of them installed. It has made a big difference in our comfort level this winter. I hope we can get the rest in before next winter. If nothing else I'd like them out of the guest room.