Mar 16, 2009

Makes Me Wonder

DSC_0590You've seen this face here many times before. It's my younger daughter Stinkerbelle. Because I'm her Mom I think that she's gorgeous. Unmistakably a beautiful little girl. I know that I'm very biased but there was a moment this weekend that had me (and everyone else present) scratching their heads.

Stinkette was wearing her pretty blue earrings, a hot pink hoody with a big pink jacket over it and standing at a booth selling GS cookies when someone called her a boy for the zillionth time. Thankfully she wasn't bothered at all but the other parents and I all laughed because we were there selling Girl Scout cookies. It just made no sense. Is the short haircut really all they see?

Just a quick thought on a somewhat busy day. I'll have a real post tomorrow.


Carole Knits said...

Was she upset? The poor kid! Some people are just stupid.

kniteurope said...

When I was in 1st grade (about 20 or so years ago) I had a short haircut as well. I was wearing a pink ruffly shirt with flowers on it and some woman came up to my mom and commented on what a "nice son" she had. I remember being so frustrated and wishing I could grow my hair out that instant. I hope that she dealt with it better than I did, haha. Tell her there are random knitters out there who think she looks great with short hair!

Anonymous said...

People really can be stupid!