Mar 17, 2009

Bruce's Noro Scarf

Last fall I made an Entrelac Scarf (Rav link) for my brother and my DH coveted it madly so I got more Noro and made one for him. Now I am officially a Noro convert. I adore this stuff and, as you can see, my husband loves it too. When it got cold again after a few days of warm weather he cheered because it gave him a reason to wear his new scarf.


For the second scarf I used Silk Garden and it's even better than the Kureyon. It has the same fabulous colors that shift from pink, to peach, to green, to black and way too many colors to list. It is a joy to watch the gradual shifts and appreciate the depth that the color variation gives to each square. The thing that makes Silk Garden even more fun than the Kureyon is that after a good soak this scarf is so soft. It still looks rustic but it feels so good.

Noro Scarf 2

So after making two of these scarves you may wonder if I'm over the pattern or even entrelac in general. Nope! Not one bit. Actually I think that for the next round of entrelac I'll go big and make a Lady Eleanor Stole for me. That'll have to wait for the fall when it gets cold again (and I have a Noro budget again).


Carole Knits said...

Bruce is rocking that scarf!

Cursing Mama said...

Love the colors!

Kathy said...

I LOVE it! Looks great on him!

Anonymous said...

There certainly is no question about whether he likes it or not! What a great smile he has. The scarf is gorgeous and looks great on him.

Marsha said...

I've yet to try entrelac and I'm always amazed how each color fits itself into the basketweaves - it's like Noro is made for entrelac!!